MACS Magazine loved La Porte!

MACS Magazine 21 Dec 2014

If you enjoy your food in palatial settings then Macs can thoroughly recommend a trip to Portes des Indes at Marble Arch. This is an opulent colonial dining experience that transports you back to the 19th Century. Rugs, works of art and even a huge waterfall all create a sense of unashamed luxury. Spread over two floors, this Indian restaurant has a distinctly French influence in its menu. The fiery dishes that are often found in British Indian restaurants are not so evident here and the dishes generally have a gentler impact on the palate.

We managed to acquire a table on the upstairs balcony and we soon realised that this was a prime location. Overlooking the marble staircase was definitely the place to be to fully experience this fabulous venue.

The service was very efficient and friendly and the spacious layout meant that we never felt crowded. Several large parties seemed to enjoy their evening just as much as the couples seeking a degree of intimacy. Perhaps the overabundance of exotic foliage helped. The food was very good with many subtle differences from British Indian fare.

This great location is a must-do if you enjoy a stylish evening out.