London's Best Restaurants for Family Dining by All in

29 Sep 2012

If you’ve got Little Ones going out for a meal can be a cross between a military operation and… a nightmare. I would imagine. I don’t know, I don’t have children. I’m still one of those people who can smugly venture out to Petrus or Alain Ducasse where a room-full of diners won’t look down their noses at me when Jessica does a little bit of sick on the table. C’mon get over it, it’s only a mashed up version of what went in there 20 seconds ago.

Anyway, there are some super-duper (see, I’m getting into the family way of thinking now) restaurants in London which make extra special provisions for your nippers such as colouring-in books, themed tables, place-settings, happy-happy music and angelically helpful staff who take Larry’s high-chairful of wee in their stride as they work hard to convince you that yes, you’re well within your rights to carry on a normal life, post sprog-drop. (Just don’t tell the patrons of Petrus.)

Here’s our list of the best restaurants in London for family dining.

La Porte des Indes – This bright, colourful restaurant is a feast for the eyes, as a large waterfall and numerous plants will keep kids enthralled once they’ve finished eating. The lunch and set menus are great value.