France and India collide at La Porte des Indes

Innerplace 26 Feb 2014

La Porte des Indes is celebrating its eighteenth year of operation so we thought it important to describe what’s made it a classic destination for opulent Indian cuisine in Marylebone. Similarly to the Fulham restaurant Blue Elephant, La Porte is a vast space housed in a former Edwardian ballroom and stuffed to the gills with greenery, creating a verdant rainforest setting, with a forty foot Mughal water feature.

The food is inspired by the region of Pondicherry, a former French colony dating back to the 19th century, a unique amalgamation of French, Tamil and Creole influences. On our visit we had the opportunity to try the Menu Maison and sample a wide selection of dishes, but there were a few starters that stood out as chiefly delicious. These included Parsee Fish – sumptuous fillets of sole encased in banana leaves and steamed with a coriander and mint chutney; as well as plump grilled scallops kissed with garlic and served in a saffron sauce. Our favourite main demonstrated the interesting commingling of international influences – black cod was marinade in fennel, chilli, mustard, honey, tamarind and rice vinegar before being flame roasted over the grill.

For those who are looking to impress a visitor to London with high-quality food and a design so extravagant that it borders on the outrageous, La Porte des Indes does the trick.