Inspiring eaterie: La Porte des Indes

The Beat that my heart skipped 17 Mar 2016

Rohini Wahi is a journalist and trend forecaster based in East London. In 2007 she launched her blog – The Beat that my heart skipped, which focuses on home inspirations, design trends, lifestyle, and food.

She visited us in March and wrote about her experience. Here’s an excerpt:

The food is French influenced Indian food representative of Pondicherry, a former French colony in India. You can order a-la-cart, but the place is famous for its Sunday Jazz Buffet. With one floor dedicated to the most mouth watering Indian street food, one floor to delicious and delicate seafood, lamb, chicken and soulful vegetarian dishes and then the prettiest and plentiful desserts.

I just love the maximalist feel of it all – fresh marigolds and palm leaves decorate the buffet with melon boats overflowing with exotic fruits. The staff and the ambiance too are always warm, relaxed and family friendly