Another feather in our cap - BIBA Best in Britain Top 50 Award for 2014

26 Jun 2014

La Porte has been given a BIBA Best in Britain Top 50 Award for 2014 for excellence in Food and Service. The Award is based on excellence as judged by the experienced panel headed by Peter and Colleen Grove. BIBA was founded in 1996 and is the longest running, continuous awards system in the industry.

These awards have included all the major South East Asian restaurants in the UK over the years, and many have appeared on repeat occasions – such is the excellence of the dining experience upon which we have been judged. Nearly 400,000 people a month read Mood Food Magazine and the listing on Federation of Specialist Restaurants means the accolade for La Porte des Indes is seen by many of those interested in the cuisines of the sub-continent.