La Porte des Indes - A Charee Magazine Review

Charee Magazine 08 Jan 2013

Based in bond street La Porte des Indes is a hidden gem not to be missed. La Porte des Indes is an Indian Restaurant with a twist, mixing French and Indian flavours to treat your taste buds.  The restaurant is dedicated to providing fine dining for diners looking for an alternative to mainstream Indian food.

Upon entering the restaurant you could easily mistake it for a small intimate restaurant. However, do not be fooled as i was. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with palm trees  built on two floors allowing visitors to feel that they have escaped to the tropics.

We were kindly seated in a quiet corner which provided us with a beautiful view to see the restaurant in full. As we weren’t familiar to the food the manager recommended that we had Menu Maison which treated us to sample a little bit of everything.

Overall, La Porte des Indes offers something different for diners who are looking to experiment. The French- Indian mix provides diners with beautiful meals. If you are someone that loves to eat authentic, exotic cuisines then visit La Porte des Indes.