Main courses

Tawa Subzi – £14.00

Seasonal vegetables stir fried with kadai spices.

Bombay Aloo – £14.00

Seed potatoes tossed with smoked red chillies, tomatoes and fresh coriander.

Lotus Root Jaipuri – £17.00

Crisp fried lotus root with chives, chillies and dry mango powder.

Rougail d’ Aubergine – £14.00

Smoked aubergine crushed with chilli, ginger and fresh green lime, a speciality from Pondicherry.

Punjabi Chole – £14.00

Chickpeas cooked Punjabi home style with garam masala and tinged with tamarind.

Naintara Do Pyaz – £14.00

Green okras sautéed with onions, tomatoes and a touch of spice.

Saag Paneer – £15.00

Leaf spinach and fresh cottage cheese sauteed in butter with green chillies and ginger.

Kadai Paneer – £15.00

Cottage cheese and peppers sauteed home style with dry spices and ginger, tomatoes and fresh coriander.

Morels and Tender Coconut – £22.00

Stir fried with mustard seeds, fresh curry leaves with a touch of coastal Konkan spices and crunchy cashew nuts.

Vegetable Biryani – £20.00

A delicate infusion of Basmati rice, root vegetables, broccoli, fine beans crunchy horsegram and fresh herbs. Served with a pomegranate raita.