Pomegranate Raita – £6.00

Natural yoghurt with fresh pomegranate kernels with a touch of cumin and paprika.

Desi Salad – £5.00

Spring onions, plum tomatoes, greens, lime and fresh green chillies.

Steamed Basmati Rice – £5.00

Fluffy white long grained Basmati rice.

Kesaria Pillav Rice – £5.00

Saffron flavoured aromatic Basmati pillav rice.

Red Rice – £5.50

Steamed organic red rice.

Le Pain Créole – £6.00

Pan- fried lacy rice flour pancakes, a speciality from Pondichèry.

Naan – £4.00

Tandoori baked bread of leavened dough in a classic teardrop shape.

Tandoori Roti – £4.00

Wholemeal unleavened bread.

Laccha Paratha – £4.00

Rich flaky bread enriched with butter.

Kulcha – £5.50

Naan breads with a filling of your choice. Mango and Coconut, Onion and Garlic, Chilli and Coriander, Three Cheese, Fruit and Nuts, Herb Potatoes

Papadum and Chutneys – £4.50

Crisp yellow lentil flat breads spiked with cumin seeds, served fried or roasted with a selection of pickles and chutneys.

Bread and Basket – £12.00

Chefs selection of three of his favourite breads.