Royal Vegetarian menu

The price is £49.00 per person for four courses or the Petit Menu Maison is £41.00 without Shingora and Lotus Root Jaipuri.

To enhance your dining experience, we recommend:
Tamarind Sorbet / Spiced Lentil Soup £8.00

We suggest that you try this menu by sampling “a little of everything”. 

A 12.5% discretionary service charge will be added to your bill.

Amuse Bouche

The chefs selection of the day.


Farsaan (Hot)

Steamed yellow lentil cakes layered with green herb chutney and tempered with mustard seeds. Pan fried colocassia leaf roulades garnished with fresh coriander. Served with a fresh garlic and chilli dip.

Paneer Kebabs

Home made cottage cheese wedges marinated in caramelised onion and garlic, filled with a mint and mango relish and char grilled.


The ever popular vegetable samosa with a “khata-meeta” tamarind sauce.

Venison Rasoul

Spiced venison encased in crisp flaky pastry and served with a tangy fruit chutney.

Soup or Sorbet


A south Indian lentil soup, enhanced with roasted spices, curry leaves and fresh lime.

Tamarind Sorbet

Sweet and sour sorbet made from a unique fruit to cleanse your palate

Main Courses

Saag Paneer

A traditional dish of leaf spinach and cottage cheese sautéed in butter with green chillies and ginger.

Naintara doPyaz

Green okras sautéed with onions, tomatoes and a touch of spice.

Rougail d’ Aubergine

Smoked aubergine crushed with chilli, ginger and fresh green lime, a speciality from Pondicherry.

Lotus Root Jaipuri

Crisp fried lotus root with chives, chillies and dry mango powder.

Dhal Makhani

Black and white lentils slow cooked with red kidney beans and spices, enriched with cream.


Pomegranate Raita

Natural yoghurt with pomegranates with a touch of cumin and paprika.

Kesaria Pillav Rice

Saffron flavoured aromatic Basmati rice.

Multani Naan

Buttered tandoori baked bread with onion seeds, melon seeds and sesame.v


L’Assiette du Chef

The chefs selection of his favourite desserts.