Main courses

These main courses cost – £16.00

Served with Saffron Basmati Pillav Rice, Multi Seed Naan Bread, Carrot and Mustard Raita.


Assadh curry as in Pondicherry with turmeric,ginger, green chillies, coconut, mustard seeds and green mangoes.

Monkfish (Supplement – £6.00)

Coastal curry enlivened with roasted coconut, red chillies, coriander, ginger and smoked tamarind from Kerala.

Barbary Duck

Grilled and served rosé with a chilli and ginger infused tamarind sauce tinged with jaggery.


Slices marinated in yoghurt and red spices, grilled and served in a creamy sauce. Poulet Rouge, spécialité de notre maison.

British Lamb Chops

Chargrilled with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves finished with caramelised onions.


Braised home style as in Pondicherry with robust spices and laced with coconut milk.

Hereford Beef Tenderloin

Stir fried with roasted cinnamon, cloves, aniseed, black pepper, and coconut chips.


Gloucestershire Old Spot belly vindaloo slow cooked with Goan red chillies, garlic and malt vinegar prepared by our chef Fransisco Marques.


Sautéed with onions, tomatoes and a touch of spice.

Punjabi Chole

Chickpeas cooked home style with garam masala, rustic spices, and tinged with tamarind.

Cottage Cheese

Sautéed leaf spinach in butter with green chillies and ginger.

Purple Aubergine

Smoked and crushed with chilli, ginger and a touch of lime.

Black Lentils

Slow cooked overnight on live coals with robust spices and finished with cream.