The cost of these desserts are  – £8.00

Cinnamon (Gulab Jamun)

Flavoured syrup with caramelised milk and cereal nuggets.

Rose & Cardamom (Rasmallai)

Infused milk with poached fresh cheese dumplings, served with fresh raspberries.

Belgian Dark Chocolate – 55% Cocoa Solids

Mousse served in traditional leaf cup.

Jersey & Guernsey Milk Kulfi

Infused milk with poached fresh cheese dumplings served with fresh raspberries.

Jersey & Guernsey Milk Kulfi

The Indian answer to ice cream, home made with no artificial flavourings or stabilizers.

  • Rose & Pistachio (contains nut)
  • Alphonso Mango

Discover the flavours of Asian fruits through this range of “Artisanal” ice creams and sorbets developed by the Blue Elephant Group.


  • Indian Tamarind
  • Lychee & Rose (no added sugar)
  • Imperial Passion Fruit

Ice Cream

  • Green Tea & Mandarin
  • Black Sesame & Nougat (contains nut)
  • Salty Caramel