Something traditional

Walnuts – £9.00

And raisins encased with Belgian chocolate in a crisp samosa. Served with salty caramel ice cream.

Belgian Dark Chocolate (55%Cocoa Solids) – £8.50

Mousse served in a traditional leaf cup.

Saffron ( Yoghurt Chandernagore) – £9.00

Infused natural creamy yoghurt served with berry fruits.

Cinnamon (Gulab Jamun) – £9.00

Flavoured syrup with caramelised milk and cereal nuggets.

Rose & Cardamom (Rasmallai) – £9.00

Infused milk with poached fresh cheese dumplings, served with fresh raspberries.

Nutmeg (Bebinca) – £9.00

Warm spiced layered cake, a speciality from Goa, trailed with molasses and served with Madagascan vanilla bean ice cream.

L’Assiette du Chef – £11.00

The chefs selection of three of his favorite desserts.