Coffee & Teas

Crown your authentic Indian meal, with a finale befitting your fine taste in food. Choose from a delectable range of exotic coffee and teas, curated from the around the world.

A 12.5% discretionary service charge will be added to your bill.


Espresso – £3.00

Double Espresso – £3.50

Cappuccino – £3.50

Decaffeinated Espresso – £3.00

Decaffeinated Cappuccino – £3.50

Ristretto – £3.00

A short shot of Espresso

Macchiato – £3.00

A short Cappuccino

Mysore Coffee – £3.50

From South India, a mild creamy coffee traditionally blended with Mocha.

Cafe Latte – £3.50

Monsoon Malabar coffee and hot foamy milk.

Liqueur Coffee

Grand Marnier Coffee  – £10.00

Espresso, Grand Marnier, Orange Peel and Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream

Café Créole – £10.00

Espresso, Remy Martin Cognac, Dark Chocolate Liqueur and Cream

Irish Coffee – £10.00

Espresso, Irish whisky and Cream Float

Affogato – £6.00 with Coffee or £10.00 with Liqueur

Espresso Coffee with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream Coffee /Liqueur

Green Tea

Darjeeling Green Dhajea  – £4.00

Pale golden infusion with fresh fruity flavours

Green Assam Khongea  – £3.00

Single estate honey coloured infusion with a delicate dry flavour

White Tea

White Anemone  –  £4.50

Rare white tea with minimum processing. Lighter in body than green teas, a liquor which is naturally sweet

Exotic Tea

Red Lychee and Jasmine  –  £3.50

The finest tea leaves are lightly processed and then blended with jasmine flowers

Black Chrysanthemum  –  £3.50

Exotic hand tied flowers with black tea

Black Tea

Muscatel Darjeeling Castleton Estate – £5.00

Often referred to as the “champagne” of teas and grown amongst the silver mists of the Himalayan foothills

Himalayan Leaf Kangra Estate – £3.00

A long leaf full bodied tea with a strong character

Assam Hazelbank FOP – £3.00

A pure orthodox leaf tea with a rich malty character and full flavour

Nilgiri High Elevation Dunsdale Estate – £3.00

Flowery pekoe from the misty “Blue Mountains” of South India

Ratnapura Ceylon – £3.00

Dark red with an aromatic spicy bouquet and a hint of malt

Flavoured Tea

Earl Grey Blue Flowers – £3.00

A black leaf tea scented with oil of bergamot enhanced with blue flowers for that little extra

Mango with Flowers – £3.00

Black tea blended with mango pieces and yellow sunflower petals

Rose Almond – £3.00

Black tea scented with rose petals and almonds

Mint – £3.00

A delicate infusion of fresh mint leaves and pure Darjeeling tea

Indian Herb – £3.00

An unusual blend created for La Porte des Indes, full bodied leaf tea fortified with a profusion of herbs from the Himalayan forests


Chamomile – £3.00

Loose chamomile flowers to produce a traditional soothing, scented drink

Lime Flowers Organic – £3.00

Delicious naturally sweet honey like taste, and needs no extra sweetening

Selection of Teas

“Chai Masala” – £3.75
The Indian favourite! Dark strong tea with milk, sugar and spices

Pondicherry Tea – £3.75
South Indian, Nilgiri tea flavoured with green cardamon

“Neeli Chai” – £3.75
Caramel coloured Assam tea with milk and honey spiked with fresh lemongrass and ginger