Fresh coconut cocktails

(Served straight from the shell) *Subject to seasonal availability

Young Coconut – £7.50

Super Hydrating, Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, Nutrient Rich, Potassium Stacked, Anti Viral, Mega Electrolyte, Detoxifying, Natural Health Food!

Mango Coco – £9.00

Fresh Coconut Juice, Alphonso Mango, Root Ginger, Mint.

Coco Pina – £9.00

Fresh Coconut Juice, Coconut Cream, Pineapple.

Karma – £12.00

Fresh Coconut Juice, Vodka, Passion Fruit, Green Lime, Sweet Basil.

Mantra – £12.00

Fresh Coconut Juice, Gin, Lychee, Green Lime.