Meet the Chef

Mehernosh Mody is an award-winning celebrity Chef from Mumbai (Bombay) in India. He has mastered the art of cooking by using traditional influences from his Parsee roots and combining it with his own personal, progressive approach, creating a unique style that has won him and La Porte des Indes many accolades over the years.

He started his career as a chef in Delhi and Bombay in the Taj Group of Hotels. His innovative and unique cooking methods soon started getting him awards all over the world, and taking part in a special baking skills programme organised by the Culinary Institute of America in New York. He spent several years at the original La Porte des Indes restaurant in Brussels before taking charge of the kitchen when our London restaurant first opened its doors in February, 1996.

Over the years, Mehernosh has taken great pride in his work as Executive Chef of La Porte des Indes, ensuring that it has consistently received rave reviews from critics and recognition from the industry’s institutions. The restaurant has consistently been recognised by the AA Guide and the Real Curry Restaurant Guide, besides a host of other establishments, for its excellence. It is also one of the reasons why the likes of Alec Baldwin, Goldie Hawn, Kylie Minogue, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Redford and Will Smith, to name only a few from the vast list of other high profile celebrities, keep coming back to La Porte.

Mehernosh has also made regular appearances on UKTV’s Great Food Live. He released the cookbook – La Porte des Indes, which gives readers useful insights into his cooking style and secrets. Not one to keep his art and knowledge only to himself, Mehernosh conducts cooking classes on the last Friday of every month, when he teaches students to prepare some of his signature dishes.

An avid fan of rock music and travelling, Mehernosh also loves classic British motorcycles.