Naan – €4.00

Tandoori baked bread of leavened dough in a classic teardrop shape.
Pain traditionnel indien, cuit au four Tandoor. Tandoor gebakken brood van gistdeeg.

Tandoori Roti – €4.00

Wholemeal unleavened bread cooked in the tandoor.
Pain au tandoor sans levain.

Lacha Paratha – €5.00

Rich flaky bread enriched with butter.
Pain traditionnel au beurre, légèrement feuilleté.

Kulcha Fromage (Kulcha Cheese) – €7.00

Naan bread with cheese filling.

Kulcha Ail (Kulcha Garlic) – €6.50

Naan bread with garlic filling.

Kulcha Fruits Secs (Kulcha Fruits and Nuts) – €7.00

Naan bread with dried fruits and nuts.

Kulcha Pommes de Terre (Kulcha Herbs Potatoes) – €6.50

Naan breads with herb potatoes filling.

Kesaria Pillau Rice – €5.50 (Contains nuts)

Saffron flavoured aromatic pilau rice, the perfect companion to your meal.
Riz safrané cuit façon pilaf.

Lime Rice – €6.50 (Contains nuts)

Festive pillav tinged with green lime, fresh curry leaves.
Un riz de fêtes, au citron vert, feuilles de kaloupilé, herbes

Riz Basmati Rice – €4.50

Fluffy white long grained Basmati rice.
Riz Basmati.

Raita – €6.00

A chilled salad of onions, tomatoes and cucumber blended into a cumin flavoured yogurt.
Yaourt traditionnel aux pépins de grenades, avec une pointe de cumin et de paprika.