Tandoori grills

Poulet Tandoori – €22.00

The classic grilled chicken marinated in traditional spices, perfumed with mustard oil and fenugreek.
Poulet grillé mariné dans un mélange d’épices traditionnel, relevé à la moutarde et au fénugrec.

Tandoori Jhinga – €30.00

King prawns rolled in caramelised garlic and garam masala.
Gambas marinées dans un mélange de garam masala et d’ail caramélisé.

Macchi Gulnaar – €23.00

Salmon steaks in tandoori spices, grilled on skewers.
Filet de saumon grillé aux épices tandoori.

Adrakke Panje – €26.00

Best end of lamb marinated with browned onions, yoghurt and garam masala, char grilled to perfection, served with mint chutney.
Agneau mariné au oignons caramélisés et au garam massala.

Tandoori Mixed Grill – €37.00

A selection of our popular grills served with accompanying dips and naan bread.