Naan – €4.00

Tandoori baked bread of leavened dough

Tandoori Roti – €4.00

Wholemeal unleavened bread.

Laccha Paratha – €5.00

Rich flaky bread enriched with butter.

Pomegranate raita – €7.00

Natural yoghurt with fresh pomegranate kernels.

Multani Naan – €7.00

Buttered tandoori baked bread with onions seeds, melon seeds and sesame.

Naintara do Pyaz – €8.00

Green okras sautéed with onions, tomatoes and a touched of spices

Bombay Aloo – €8.00

Seed potatoes tossed with rustic spices, turmeric and fresh coriander

Kulcha Cheese – €7.00

Naan breads with a cheese filling.

Kima – €8.50

Kulcha with lamb.

Kulcha Mango – €7.00

Naan bread with dried mango.

Kulcha Potatoes – €7.00

Naan bread with spiced potatoes.

Lime Rice – €6.50 (Contains nuts)

Festive pilau tinged with green lime, fresh curry leaves.

Kesaria Pilau Rice – €5.50 (Contains nuts)

Saffron flavoured aromatic Basmati pilau rice.

Riz Basmati Rice – €4.50

Fluffy white long grained Basmati rice.
Riz Basmati.

Raita – €6.00

A chilled salad of onions, tomatoes and cucumber blended into a cumin flavoured yogurt. Yaourt traditionnel aux pépins de grenades, avec une pointe de cumin et de paprika.

Salad Indienne – €6.50

A rainbow salad of crunchy vegetables, onions and a tangy tamarind dressing.