Cookie policy

What are cookies, anyway?

When you visit certain web pages, they cause cookies to be stored on your computer. Cookies are tiny text files that we use to remember you when you return to our site and keep track of your cart contents. Here’s a list of the cookies we use:

Cookie name Cookie purpose
PHPSESSIONID This cookie allows our web servers to respond to your actions on the website.
__utma, __utmz This cookie allows Google Analytics to conduct tracking.
ASP.NET_SessionId cookie This cookie allows the ‘Book a Table‘ widget to track your actions.
JSESSIONID This cookie remembers details of what you’ve looked at as you move around the website, and is set from the ‘Book a Table’ widget.
_ga This cookie allows Google Analytics to conduct tracking.

You can opt out of enabling cookies – you’ll still be able to browse Please note that cookies do not harm your computer, and the cookies we use do not store your personal information. We use encrypted information gathered from these cookies to help improve your overall user experience on our site; such as, for example, helping us to identify and resolve errors.

Do Not Track (DNT) is a feature offered by some browsers, and it comes by default with newer browsers. If enabled, it sends a signal to websites to request that your browsing isn’t tracked third-party ad or social networks, for example. At present, there is no industry-wide consensus as to how DNT requests should be managed, so our website doesn’t currently respond to DNT requests. Until a standard is established, we’ll continue to review DNT and other new technologies, but won’t respond to DNT requests.

We’re giving you this information as part of our initiative to comply with recent legislation, and to make sure we’re completely open and clear about your privacy when using our website.